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Thread: need to mantain

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    need to mantain

    hi guys i am 190cm 100kg
    i was on a strict diet for 3 months and now i am 9% (i did cardio only for 2 months then i stoped but my bf kept decresing) i dont want to loose weight anymore coz size matter to me and i think 9% is healthy and keepable so i want to fix my diet to a mantaining diet so any 1 can help me my diet was:220g protein/75-100g carbs/60g fat

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    220g=880 calories protein
    100g=400 calories carbs
    60g=540 calories fat

    880+400+540=1820 calories

    you are 100kg, 100*2.2= 220lbs

    No wonder u are losing weight, you are taking in enough calories to cut.....hell you are taking in enough calories for me to cut and I'm 155lbs....

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    This is something you need to find for yourself with experimenting, this is all body related, I can't give you a number and expect it to work.


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