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    r-ALA and bulking?

    Well, I'm trying to decide if i should look into getting some r-ALA to take during my bulk.

    Do you guys think it would be a worth-while thing to get?

    Take into account that:
    -I'm bulking
    -I tend to be more of a meso-endomorph, I seem to gain fat pretty easily IMO.
    -I'm already taking: whey, dextrose, a multi, and fish oil caps, and of course real food

    Does anyone have experience with r-ALA? Or have any opinions on it?

    I'm kind of stuck trying to decide between r-ALA or Creatine.

    I was going to probably go with the creatine, but then I read about r-ALA, and thought that maybe it would help lead to a bit of a leaner bulk?

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated

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    two different supplements working in different ways. r-ala would be better if you were cutting and for bulking you would be fine with ala. The ala will help you shuttle those carbs into the muscles but the creatine wont. You will hold more water with the creatine?? I am unsure of what you are trying to do besides bulk?? Leaner bulk is going to be decided on the macros of your meals not the 2 supplements you posted. You should be taking the ala already since your eating carbs IMO.

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    They are beth different things. IMO you should take both for best gains. Saying which is better is hard everyone will like something different.


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