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    Question On Body Opus

    Now in the carb up stage from friday til sunday night what is the ratio of fats,proteins,and carbs on these days cause i cant find the information on it in the book. is it the typical 30% protein,60% carbs,and 10% fat . please help thank you

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    i think i have some resources for it, but i think dan duchaine was a little out, i think lyle mcd had some different ideas about how many carbs to eat. One thing i can tell you from my exp fri to sunday night is to long, where did u read that? I think it should be approx 24 to 36hrs max no way 48 you will end up gaining alot of the weight back. i would keep the fats very low when mixing iwth carbs at the weekend protein and carbs high, i am not sure of the exact amounts try reading here


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