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    Exclamation How Many Carbs do I Need?!

    i recently went from 234lbs to 216lbs. i don't want to loose anymore weight but i would like to burn off some body fat. since i can't do this by dropping lbs, i need to do this by turning the body fat into muscle. i'm 11% body fat rite now... i'd like to drop it down to 6%.

    anyways, i know i need to keep my Protein level to about 300g per day and my Fats low... about 70g per day.... but i'm unsure as too how many carbs i should consume. i don't want to gain the weight that i lost back unless its solid muscle.

    i was thinking maybe around 140g per day to help with muscle building? maybe 70g pre-work out and 70g post-work out?

    any thoughts?

    Current Stats:
    49" chest
    17.5" biceps
    11% body fat
    34" waist
    4 pak

    i'd like to turn my 4pak into a chizzle 6 pak and grow my biceps 2" more before my b-day in October...

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    Umm, i'm not sure what you mean by "turning body fat into muscle"?? Unless you are precise with your calories and diet for a long time, its hard to stay at the same weight while losing bodyfat and gaining muscle. Natural, you're lucky if you gain 5-10lbs. of lean body mass a year, you lose 1lbs. of bodyfat a week or more with not too much trouble. See the difference.

    You can add mass and lose bf at the same time, but it's a hard process. You have to stagger calories day by day. Example, 3 days you bulk, 3 days you cut, 3 days you bulk and so on. It's a very long process compared to the typical bulk then cut cycle. Hope this helps, REDROCK

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