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    cutting diet help

    my last cycle took me from 230 to 205. love seeing some vein. I just got tired of bulking and having a stomach. So know I m going to do a cutting cycle for 20weeks with eq/test/and finish with some winny. But I would love it if someone could give me a good cutting diet that will help loose fat and gain or maintain muscle that I have acculated.


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    I'll try to make this as basic and easy as possible. Keep in mind you will want to mix and match and use the input pf others who respond to this thread. I find that sticking to basic whole foods, that are easy to prepare is the easiest plan to follow. For example:

    Proteins - chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef (moderation), white fish (cod, haddock, pollock, flounder, halibut, etc...), tuna, egg whites and a good whey protein (also in moderation)

    Carbohydrates - oats, sweet potato, brown rice, couscous, veggies

    Fats - flax seed oil (or Udo's blend) salmon, egg yolks (moderation), nuts (moderation), virgin olive oil, lean red meat (moderation)

    Based on your weight I would think that 2250-2500cals/day should produce results. Try to use a 50%, 35%, 15% ratio (P,C,F). So 1100-1250cals protein (275-300g), 800-900cals carbs (200-225g) and 330-375cals fat (35-40g). Every 4th day bump your carbs to about 400-500. If weight/fat loss slows down, drop carbs by about 50g/day. If you have a fast metabolism and lose fat easy, feel free to indulge in a cheat meal (or even cheat day) once per week, just be sure to monitor your progress.

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    Now that you know what foods to eat, its important to how to correctly time each meal so your body can utilize everything in its most efficient manner (in other words lose fat and not muscle). Example:

    #1 60 g/low gi carbs, whey protein shake&eggs
    #2 protein, fat
    #3 protein, fat
    #4 30g/simple carbs/protein
    #5 30g/low or high gi carbs/ protein
    #6 slow releasing protein (tuna, eggs, cottage cheese)

    This is a typical diet for cutting, you just need to figure out the ratios. And for your weight I personally would not go above 150 grams of carbs while cutting but that depends on your metabolism. Another tip that can make a big difference is try cycling your carbs. For example, day 1-150g carbs, day 2-125g carbs, day 3-100 g carbs, and every 4th day-carb up (approx. 250-300g carbs). Hope all this helps!

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    thanks for the question I could use this help also

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