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    question about carbs and fats in same meal.

    ok, i've heard that you should avoid carbs and fats in the same meal. but what about a meal that has protein, carbs and fat in it? does having the protein along with the carbs and fat have any effect?

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    I routinely have good fat (nuts, flax seed oil, etc.) and carbs in the same meal--I just chase it all with r-ALA to keep the sugar in line.

    However, I would imagine that everyone here probably has protein in every meal so that probably has little to do with the prohibition against it.

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    The reason this is mainly done is to avoid getting to many cals in a meal, when you get protein, carbs and fats all in the same meal the calories can get pretty high and some of that energy may be stored as FAT. That is why the theory of seperating fats and carbs is good when bulking. Also there is the theory of carbs creating insulin and insulin shuttling fat into adipose tissue.


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    Um, yeah..... what Pain said, he's right on the money.

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