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    Fat and Carb Follow Up Question

    The whole fat/carb mixing post really through me for a loop. I usually never mix a large amount of fat with carbs except for breakfast. My breakfast consists of fat from 2 eggs(10g's) and 6 g's from two servings of oatmeal. So to sum this whole question up, is 16g's of fat with 50g's of slow burning complex carbs too much, even though it is in the morning. Take into account I throw some brocoli into the omellete, have a serving of turkey, 5 whites, and a peice of fat free cheese. So my proteinis around 60g;s with that meal. Basically, I'm just a tad bit confused. Can anyone shed some light. Thanks!

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    IMO it is not a carb and fat thing it is a total calorie thing. You wont have a problem if your metabolism can handle that many cals at once. If it cant then you might want to drop something. I would suggest some of the fat and save that for later at night.


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