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    Arrow schedual change, new bulking diet , please look

    I wana thank every one for the help with my past bulking diet , i have a schedual change in work so things might be a little different , i have a pretty good idea of how to keep it, it somewhat follows MIKE XXL diet.
    well here we go...

    730 - 20 gram whey, 1 cup egg beaters, 1 cup oatmeal, 1 english muffin with sugar free jelly.

    930- 1 can tuna, w/ flax, ///or 40 gram whey w/ 2 table spoons of Natural P.B.

    12 pm- 6oz turkey , 2 slices whole wheat, fat free cheese, 1 apple, 1 cup fat free , sugar free yogurt

    3 pm - 20 gram whey

    330 pm - workout

    445 pm - protien shake 50 grams, dextrose

    6 pm- 2 chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, veggies.

    715 pm - 1 cup fat free cottage cheese,w/ 2 table spoons sugar free jelly

    9 pm- 40 grams whey

    well what do u guys think, i kept it at the 3 carb meal.

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    A little hard to critique without stats and caloric numbers. Sorry if you already posted them.

    How about some complex carbs at the noon meal? If you're bulking, you're going to need some fuel for those hard workouts. Maybe some brown rice or oatmeal or yam or something to that effect. Just a thought. How about some flax in your protein shake right before bed? It will slow digestion so protein will slowly get to muscles throughout the night. REDROCK

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    10% bf
    5 11'

    i was told that i should not have fats before bed, i am confused should i put the fats before bed or not?

    ill calculate all my caloris ect..

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    Have fats before bed, not carbs.


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