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    POst workout shake after doing only cardio?

    I am just curious, but should I be taking a post workout shake immediately after a cardio only workout? On Wednesdays I do about 30 mins of cardio, and was wondering if I should get a shake in with 65g's of carbs and 20 of protein immediately after as I would a weight training workout? thanks!

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    I wait 45 mins- 1 hour after morning cardio before eating. I read that your body burns fat up to 50% faster if you do cardio on an empty stomach. Your body burns more fat because it is not using what is in your stomach for energy, instead your body burns fat for energy. I believe that if you wait a while after cardio, your body will continue to burn that fat b/c its looking for some energy source. Just my opinion. Oh yeah and I always drink 2 large glasses of water before and after morning cardio. -crombie09

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    I'd drink the protein shake with about 40g carbs in it.

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    It really depends on your goals. IMO... if you are looking to lose, I'd just eat a lil pre cardio and have post workout protein with maybe a very small amount of carbs...

    If you are trying to bulk up, though, definetly have carbs and protein after any activity (cardio, lifting, sports, whatever) to replenish glycogen stores, keep blood sugar levels good, and keep insulin and the anabolic environment working well for you.

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