20 years old
former college lineman
serious lifter
im trying to lose body fat
heres my diet.
meal 1-3slices turkey and an apple at 7am
meal 2-eggs whites and turkey on whole wheat at 10am
meal 3-whole wheat wrap grilled chicken(tuna,or turkey) red onion and avacado(maybe let, tom, peppers instead) at 1:15pm
meal 4-myoplex lite, ready to drink before gym at 4:30-5pm
meal 5-prob a lean meat(chicken, tuna, red meat, turkey...etc), tiny portion(.5 cup) of pasta, rice, or potato and a massive amount of veggies...post workout 8pm
throughout day drink
close to 80-100 ozs water
taking xenadrine w/ eph.
working out hard 4 times a week
cario 3-4 times a week following workout...usually hoops, "dreadmill", bike or swimming
my ? is,
is this diet okay for what i want to do, lose bf?
thanks eddie