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    nuke is offline Member
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    Jul 2002

    Read about Fat Fast on another board.

    Has anyone ever tried this ?

    Basically youre drinking like 4 protein shakes a day then eating normal dinner after your workout. Low carbs High Protein.

    Cycle this for two weeks. I hear its amazing for a rapid weight loss.

    Its on www.******.com under fat fast

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    SwoleCat is offline AR Hall of Fame
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    no better way to lose WATER weight and take your thyroid to a screetching hault.

    What the hell happened to you this time bro? U fell off again I see.

    The diet is called that IMO because when you resume normal eating again you get "fat fast"!!!!

    Anything over-night or of the quick fix variety will never employ sound reasoning and concrete results that can last a lifetime.

    You need to develop dedication and perseverance. The time you spend looking for quick fixes could be spent applying a solid program.

    You know what I'm talking about too. I had your back and you were going to "do it big" this second time. I'm curious as to what happened?

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    nuke is offline Member
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    Jul 2002

    Damn !!!!!!!!!

    Swole ,
    I never said I fell off. I was reading and saw an article....So I shared. Period.

    I know you being the pro have heard about plateaus and I was doing genreal searches and it came up.....

    Why I am getting called out ?

    I needed to shock my system and that seemed like a good jumpstart.

    Ease up chief.

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