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    calories question

    right now i am trying to gain as much as i can and i know i am not taking in enough calories a day. i was wondering what kind of foods i should be eating to get the amount of calories i need daily. id like to be consuming at least 3000 calories a day. thanks

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    Doesn't matter so much what foods, more total cals.... but just generally:

    high <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> foods: meats, fish, dairy, maybe whey powder for added pro

    complex carbs: wheat grains, pastas, veggies


    healthy fats: olive oil, nuts, etc

    ... you can see that grocery list I put in another of this fourm's thread for some more specific ideas if you like...

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    IMO 2 very easy ways of increasing your calori intake is to eat pasta ALOT because its calori dense and you can eat a shitload of it and to drink 1 liter of milk to every meal or one liter of juice.
    If you add 3 liters of milk a day to your diet you are adding over 1k kcal and a shitload of protein to.

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