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    Diet Gurus...Please Crtique this

    Allright, just wanted some of you diet experts to go over this plan for me, and make sure I have everything dialed in.
    This is my cutting diet I'll be satarting next week, I've allready been cutting for about 5 weeks, currently about 190 lbs, and only have about 15 lbs or so of fat left to lose. The reason for the change in diet is that next week I'll be starting a job as a labourer for a construction company. This means alot of hard work, in the heat for a good 8 hours a day. The plus side to this is I get 2 breaks, along with a lunch, which gives me alot of opourtunites to get my meals in.

    Anyways here we go, any input whatsoever would really be appreciated!

    <MEAL 1: 7:30 AM>
    -1 egg
    -4 whites
    -1 slice fat free cheese
    -1/3 cup Oats
    -Coffee w/ light cream, 3 sweetners

    Cals:301 P:30 C:30 F:5

    <MEAL 2: 10 AM>
    -3 homoginzed egg whites
    -1 scoop optimum whey
    -1 tbsp. peanut butter

    Cals:252 P:38 C:6 F:10

    <MEAL 3: 12:30 PM>
    -7 oz. chicken breast
    -2 cups lettuce
    -1 tbsp. Flax oil
    -2 tbsp. light italian dressing

    Cals:360 P:43 C:8 F:18

    <MEAL 4: 3 PM>
    -1.5 cans tuna
    -1 tbsp. light mayo
    -1 stalk choped celery

    Cals:219 P:42 C:3 F:5

    <MEAL 5: 5:30 PM>
    -7 oz. Chicken breast
    -2 cups Brocolli
    -Coffee w/ light cream, 3 sweetners b4 workout

    Cals:261 P:49 C:12 F:6

    -1 scoop whey
    -30 g dextrose

    Cals:230 P:23 C:32 F:2

    <MEAL 7: 10:00 PM>
    -2 eggs
    -3 whites
    - 30 g. Full-fat cheedar

    Cals:320 P:30 C:2 F:20

    ++Daily Totals++
    Cals: 1943
    Pro: 255
    Carb: 95
    Fat: 70

    Along with 4-5 gallons of water per day

    Anything anyone can see that can be improved in anyway whatsoever please point it out! Wanna get this perfect! thanks a ton


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    It looks really low cal but if it's been working. You might want to up your carbs in the morning especially if you'll be busting your rear out in the heat all day.

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    Thanks Big Texan, I think I might up the oats in the AM,
    other than that, does everything else look in place?

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    Yeah that does seem really low for even maintenance levels, and really low if you are going to be laboring in the heat all day.
    Meal #1 up the oats to 1 cup and add a few more eggs.
    #2 up the shake to 2 scoops for more pro and cals, and add some kind of carb (maybe a slice of multi grain bread)
    #3 unless your cutting, throw in some carbs (brown rice 1/2 cup)
    #4 again unless your cutting throw in some carbs (maybe make the tuna a sandwich with one slice of multi bread?)
    #5 Really carb up before your workout even if you are cutting (add another cup of oats or a sweet potatoe or rice)
    #6 make it two scoops of whey
    #7 i would go with another chicken breast to cut out the fat from the eggs, and maybe a 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

    I think even by adding those carbs and cals you will still loose a significant amount of weight. Those first totals just seem really low and you dont want to go into a catabolic effect and burn muscle away when your working. Just my 2 cents.

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