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    please comment my low carb diet diet

    i am 181 lbs and here is what i eat
    total cals./day: 2185 calories
    370 gram of protein
    84 grams carbs
    41 grams fat

    I eat 9 small meals per day: only mix fat and protein for six meals

    meals 1-6 : 41 gram of protein + 5 gram virgin olive oil
    7th meal is preworkout: 1 orange
    8th meal: after workout: 40 grams of dextrose + 22 grams of protein
    9th meal ( 1 hour after 7th meal): 40 grams of meltrodextin + 22 grams of protein

    as you can see all my carbs are around workout. i would have once per weak carb up day , i eat whatever i want that day

    Please comment this diet.
    i dropped with this diet in 2 months around 30 lbs of fat
    i was 212 and now i am 181

    please let me know if this diet is OK!
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