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    seeking diet advice..especially from Swolecat

    Hey guys, whats up ?
    im sure that nobody knows me over here.. but ive been reading here for more than two years... its been a huge help to me ...
    my stats:
    16 inches biceps
    25 inches thighs
    17 inches calves
    45 inches chest
    36 inches waist
    i decided to cut up .. i know that i dont have that much of mass( my weight is 207 lbs, and im 6"0 tall. i just wanna get 6 packs now ... u know .. ill tell u guys my diet and work out program..
    work out : ( given to me by an EX bodybuilding national team coach)
    chest + biceps, day 2: back tri, day 3: shoulders traps, day 4 legs, i just rest 15 seconds between sets for chest, back, shoulders and legs, and i do as much repetition as i can .. since i started doing that i started getting more viens to show up and i got harder .. for arms i lift normal heavy weights rest period is 60 sec, because he told me that they are involved in the low rest periods of chest , back , shoulders, so i dont have to do high reps for arms. after that i do 20 minutes of abs .. till i cant do any single rep more, and then i do 30 minutes of cardio.. i rest 15 seconds between abs sets.. and then i do 30 minutes of cardio ( stationary bike fact pace , or sprints.) i cannot do morning cardio .. i work really early .. my diet is :
    7 am : all bran cereal with skim milk ( 1/2 a bowl..small bowl)
    11am: 300 ml of low fat butter milk ( 3.3 grams of fat, 9.2 protiens, 13.2 carbs)
    3m :i pc of chicken breast with a 300 ml of skim milk
    7:00 pm ( post workout ) :1 pc of chicken breast with skin milk
    10:00 : 4 egg whites .
    i acceppt all comments and advises.. flame the way u want .. if u wanna burn me too its ok i have a storng will
    thanks ..

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    Yourworkouts seem ok, but your diet is lagging severly! For one thing you cannt be possibly getting the calories you need.

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    This is a horrible diet. you'll never grow eating like that.. you need to eat lots more, 7am i dont see any protein in that cereal.. each meal needs 30 g or more protein (usually more than 30g is wasted though because body can only absorb so much at one time). Too much milk. i dont even take dairy.. at 207 lbs your diet should be

    270g protein, 202g carb, 70g fat

    total 2500 cal

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    Too much milk. Milk = sugar.

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    WOW!! EAT MORE!!! You need it, and you could triple your meals, but cut out the milk and still keep lean muscle.

    Im not flamming you, i just think you need to seriously research you diet a little bit more to get better food choices, and times to eat, and CUT the milk if you wanna strip fat.

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    thanks a lot guys, actually the thing is that the coach that gave me the schedule thought that i got the diet from another one.. i met him today and he gave me a diet and please i want your help guys
    7 am : 4 egg whites , one cup of skim milk
    11:am : 2 cans of tuna with lemon and tomato
    3:00 pm : 2 pieces of chicken breast
    7:00 pm : post workout : two pieces of chicken breast
    10:00 pm : 2 cans of tuna with lemon an tomato

    i welcome all kind of comments..

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    Ok here's my .02 on a good diet for ya.

    6-8 egg whites/ 1 yolk
    1 cup oats

    1 1/2 can tuna mixed with salad greens and vinegar/oil
    Natural PB on whole wheat toast or bagel


    2 chicken breast
    1 cup brocoli

    tukey breast or 1 can tuna
    1/2 cup rice
    2/3 cup green fibrous veggie

    PWO shake
    40g protein
    50-60g dextrose (or drink a small bottle of gatorade)

    PWO meal
    2 chickne breast
    1 cup rice

    protein shake w/flax or 1 cup cottage cheese

    You're gonna have to play with the amounts of food in my sample diet to find what works for you. But a diet along these lines with cardio and proper rest and workout will lead to a good gradual loss of body fat.

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