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    Please Be Easy on My Cutting Diet

    I'm 6'5", and in the last 5 and 1/2 weeks, I've gained 30 pounds from taking Sust250 every 3 days. I've eaten relatively clean, but not at all as clean as my normal diet is when I'm off of AS. My body tends to store fat when I eat too many carbs, no matter how many calories I take in. So, please keep this in mind. Next week I will be incorporating Winny into my stack, along with Nolvadex to get rid of the bloating. Here is what my diet will look like on an average day:

    7 egg whites w/ ketchup; 1/2 cup oatmeal w/ water

    40g Protein shake w/ 2g fat and 4 carbs

    1/2 sandwich w/ Turkey (20g Pro.), Swiss, light Mayo, on 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat bread
    1/2 cup Light cottage cheese

    30g Pro. shake w/1.5 fat and 3 carbs

    1 to 1 and 1/2 hour weights
    30 min. cardio w/ H.R. at 130-140 bpm

    1 large chicken breast

    20g Pro. shake

    6 meals total
    220g Pro. = 880 cals
    70g Carb = 280 cals
    22g Fat = 198 cals
    TOTAL = 1358 cals

    Is this enough cals to prevent losing the muscle I've gained through the Sust cycle...keep in mind that I will be on Winny for the 5 weeks during this diet, along with the Sust. for the first 2 weeks. Thanks guys!

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    Sorry, I went from 235lbs. to 265lbs.

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    Did I read that all you are having after weights AND cardio is a chicken breast 1/2 hour later? Keep your cardio apart from your weights, totally re-do your post workout meals as they are horrid and totally incomplete, and nix the bread for some other better carb and take out cottage cheese, you're cutting. At under 1400 calories, you'll probably appear as you did before your cycle, and then you will lose 20 lbs of muscle on top of that.

    My girl eats more than that and she's 130lbs at 5'6", and in great shape...........

    All this on gear too???? Damn.......homework homework homework.........not a flame, just need to do some homework!


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