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    I looked in the Archives but still need diet help!!!!

    I am 6'3 215lbs. I am currently taking:
    QV Deca , D-Bols and Test 400. I have been on a cycle for 4 weeks now and
    haven't noticed any gains, yet. I am looking to put on quality muscle but I
    do not want to get "fat". How many calories should I be eating? What should
    my Protein, Carbs, Fat, ratio be?
    I KNOW my gear is legit because I was getting "test-flu" and had sore nipples.
    I believe I was overtraining and under eating which may be the cause of my
    lack of gains. I have tons of whey proten, glutamine and cassien protien, If
    you could tell me 10 foods to buy what would they be.
    Thank you for you input

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    You should be eating 6 times a day totalling 4000 calories, 300+ grams of protien. Eat
    * chicken, brown rice and veggies
    * tuna sandwiches
    * 12 egg whites and whole grain toast
    * steak and potatoes
    * lean ground beef hamburgers
    * pasta and meatballs
    * Shakes, shakes, shakes
    * etc...

    Just eat!!!

    As far as training goes, pick one bodypart a day and destroy it. Hit everything once a week and get 8 hours of sleep a night.

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    Oh ya like arthurb said lean hamburger, and the best thing is you can mix up things in it such as eggs, a little olive oil, salsa and some rolled oats to hold it all together. So you can get alot of your bbing foods all rolled in one. Beef its whats for dinner, and lunch and brunch and.......................

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