I am a natty so I need all the help I can get to bulk up without too much fat gain. Now, IMO all a natty needs protien wise is 1g of Protien per pound of bodyweight. I believe this should be spread out evenly over 6 meals. I also believe that you really dont need that many carbs. Take for example, there are only 3 times(maybe 4 if your a hypo or carb addict)per day that your body needs carb, unless your running marathons or performing a lot of physical labor for long periods of time. Those three times per day are upon waking, post workout(shake), and you next meal after your workout(after the shake). Now for me I feel 50g of carbs at all three of these times is more than adequate to fill my glycogen stores and give me enough carbs to funcion on. Ok, then comes the fat. I think fat should make up the rest of your diet. I do believe that you shouldnt mix carbs/fats(IN BULK AMOUNTS THAT IS) in the same meal so you fill in the blanks with the meals that dont contain carbs, with the exception of your last meal before bed, which should only be protien. The reason I think this would be better for bulking than adding more carbs or protien is because of the insulin spike from carbs, and possible conversion of access protien into carbs. Fats are known to boot test levels, reduce fat, and are much easier to control than carbs are. I know it wouldnt be as fast bulking like this but it would be more solid good muscle. A lot of your weight from high carb/protien diets is water retention as well as fat gain.

So how stupid am I???