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    help with fat guys diet ;)

    im gonna start by saying im a fatty who needs to drop body fat to gualify for the army.... i can loose weight easily and fast but i look like a crack head cause my way of loosing weight is starving beggin for the help of all you brothers to gelp me spare whatever muscle i have and loose fat a healty way..... my stats, workout, and diet is below.

    all measuments taken today.......

    age - 25 yrs.
    weight - 234.5 lbs
    height - 5'8
    waist - 45 in. < --- around belly button.
    hips - 42 in.
    wrist - 7.25 in.
    forarm - 12 in.
    calfs - 17 in.
    quads - 23.25
    neck - 17 in.
    chest - 50in.
    biceps 17in.

    body fat - 33% last month <-- army standerds measuring the neck and waist and refering to some kind of chart. I NEED TO GET TO 26% OR BELOW.


    2 days on 1 off w/weights....(MORNINGS)
    CARDIO every night BTW for 45 minutes
    chest, back, and abs.
    cardio after workouts 30-45 minutes

    shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs
    cardio after workouts 30-45 minutes

    no cardio on leg days.


    post workout:
    3 tabs ephedrine and black 1 cup coffee

    meal 1...
    post workout shake...
    1000 IU'S vitamin e capsule
    mega man multi vitamin
    2 scoops whey protien powder W/ 1% low fat milk
    fat:10 grams, carbs: 16 grams, protien: 52 grams, calories: 320

    Meal 2...
    1 can tuna w/ water
    2.5 cup large mixed salad
    fat: 1.5 grams, carbs: 4 grams, protien: 33.5 grams, calories: 170

    meal 3...
    mega man mutli vitamin
    334mgs calcium vitamin
    2 scoops Whey protien shake w/water
    fat: 6 grams, carbs: 4grams, protien: 44grams, calories: 220

    meal 4...
    334 calcium vitamin
    6oz boneless chicken breast
    2.5 cup large mixed salad
    fat: 12.7 grams, carbs: 4 grams, protien: 49.7 grams, calories: 342

    meal 5....
    post cardio shake.
    mega man multi vitamin
    334 calcium vitamin
    2 scoops whey prtoien powder w/water
    fat: 6 grams, carbs: 4grams, protien: 44grams, calories: 220


    fat - 38.2 grams
    carbs - 24 grams
    protien - 223.2 grams
    calories - 1272

    i have 100ml of fina and unlimmited tabs of cytomel but im not gonna jump on that untill i get my bodyfat alot lower.. i have done cycles in the past, the first one being my best (CYP/DECCA). i went from 190-225 BF: 13% and kept all of it post cycle but i hit a depression a year ago when i had a death in the family and i let myself turn to shit. drinking and eating like a moron not working out. etc: help me out the best you can bro's..

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    Basically..drink lots and lots of water, cardio everyday (30-45 minutes) in the AM before you eat..and PM too if you can. Keep the proein high carbs low to moderate and you will be losing weight in no time.

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    For starters, less protein shakes and more whole foods (lean meats).

    2. limit carb intake to post-workout and post post-workout only.

    3. caffeine prior to cardio in the morning on an empty stomach

    What is your time frame? How long do you have to lose weight for the army?

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    Bama is dead on bro. Hit the cardio first thing in the morning for 45 mins if you can; consensus is it's the best time for burning fat. I take a fat burner (ephedrine based) my multivitamin and something with caffeine to drink and then hit the gym. Careful with taking things on an empty stomach, I can get away with it but some have troubles doing this. You don’t want to eat before doing cardio and stop eating three hours before you go to bed. If you can stand it do another cardio session in the afternoon but when you're on a low carb diet energy is hard to come by so do the best you can.

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    In the Gym, if i could

    Don't do it..

    Bro............. for Gods sake don't starve yourself.. you will loose 50% muscle, and if you loose the fat to qualify.. Basic training will be hell for you.. I gained 25 lbs of nothing but muscle after i completed my training, and still had a 28" waist... (I was 5'9" 125 when i went in.. same waist size.. )could bench oh 130

    me now.. Obviously i am still 5'9" 200 lbs... 34" waist (not happy with) bench 400 lbs clean no juice..

    Eat this diet to loose fat/no muscle..

    6 meals aday.. 1 chicken breast with each meal 1/2 cup of rice 1/2 cup of green peas..
    2 protien shakes (atkins no carb is great and easy to take)

    Breakfast 6 eggs (egg beaters) add salsa if you like...

    if in the first week or any time you feel hungry.. eat a chicken breat.. skinless/boneless..

    No sugar of any kind.. no salt of any kind.. you can use Butter buds.. it is a butter sub that taste great.

    You will not be able to do arobics with this as the carbs are too low.. but you can try..

    Diet soda (watch the salt---Sodium)

    Results... You will not lose muscle.. you will lose fat

    If you fall off the wagon for 1 meal.. it will take you about 2 days to lose more weight.. I lost 1-2 lbs every day... about 4-5 per week...

    Sauces.. BBQ, the labels.... all are not equal..

    good luck.
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    In addition to what all the other bros stated, your PWO meals are severely lacking nutrients to encourage lean mass preservation/gain while you are dieting to lose fat.

    Hence the reason you appear as a "crackhead" as you stated, when you are finished. You are losing fat/muscle at an alarming rate, not ideal.

    As well, including rice (high gi starch) and green peas (sugar laden) are not ideal in a fat loss program. Rice is okay, but only pwo as the second meal you are going to consume.

    Many other suggestions in mind, but start there.


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