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    Cycle Food Preparation?!?!

    Whats up all? Here's my fairly general question. You know when a professor says, ask that damn question cuz there is at least a few people that want to know the answer, yet everyone is shy to ask. Well Im gonna ask anyways. Most might already konw the answer, and could pretty much guess at it, but, nonetheless, here it is.

    Im preparing to start my second cycle, Dbol (30mg/day @ Weeks 1-4) and Test E (500mg/week @ Weeks 1-12), also with PCT and some good ol Nolva on hand. Anyways, what do you guys think would be vital foods to always have in my fridge or cabinet?? The reason I ask is I'd like to hear people's differing opinions and also what everyone thinks is like a necessity to add to the cycle. As well, what things could I add that you wouldn't normally think of??

    Thanks a lot bros, I appreciate your help, thoughts and advice!!


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    I live by the philosophy of diets being people specific. This however only applies to rations. As far as types of foods they can basically remain the same. Any type of fowl would be fine however darker species such as duck and goose can have more fat in them than that of chicken or turkey. Any fish preferable baked or broiled which ever you prefer.( I preferr fersh water speicies) Vegetables I would go with most any green
    vegatables but stay away from can veggies and stick with fresh only. Broccoli is always good as it contains loads of protein as far as veggies go. Breads should always be eliminated and diary products should only be consumed in moderation.
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