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    Finished cutting cycle & can't stop eating!

    I did an 11 wk. cutting cycle over the summer with great results. Lost 16 lbs in body weight, kept most my strength & seemed to actually gain muscle! Only used very low doses of Test Prop. & Winny but my diet was spot on with a lot more quality solid protein and less shakes. I knew when I finished the diet I wouldn't be able to maintain the low body fat but wanted to stay leaner year round than I was before i started my diet. The problem is, however much I eat now, i just cannot feel satisfied. When I treat myself on weekends i can have a big meal and feel full but still crave more food! Is there a hormone or something that low carb diets switch off making you want to eat all the time ( I went down to about 50grams per day for the last 2 weeks). How long is this gonna last? This diet has fucked me up! If I don't get get help I'm gonna try the Lee Preist 'Eat like a cow - grazing diet'!!

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    There are two theories to hunger. Stomach volume and glucostatic level. To make it very simple, if you don't have space in your stomach for anything else, your brain gets a signal to stop eating. Your brain also regulates blood suger levels. If the level drops, then your brain sends a signal to eat. If the level rises, then the brain sends a signal to stop eating. So all you have to do is trick your body into believing that it's full.

    1) Drink plenty of water. If you feel hungry and you don't want to eat, drink a quart of water. After you eat, drink a quart of water.

    2) Glucose tables. You can get them at most pharmacies. They are ment for diabetics that become hypoglycemic. You can do the same thing with suger, but simple sugar isn't the best thing for your body. You can chew on one or two glucose tablets if you want to avoid eating a meal.

    You souldn't chew them unless you haven't eaten for at least two hours and don't plan on eating for another two hours. The glucose will cause an insulin spike and will in turn cause your body to start storing whatever other food you've ingested. You can chew them just before or just after drinking water, because most of the tab is absorbed by your mouth and throat before it even gets down to your stomach. Most people also don't realize that your entire digestive tract absorbs nutrients, from the time it enters your mouth to the moment it's expeled from your rectum.

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