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    Nlarge2 PWO while cutting?

    I'm trying to cut down on body fat, and I'm not sure if I should be drinking an Nlarge2 shake post workout. I know I need to be replace glycogen into the muscles pwo, but does Nlarge2 contain and bad sugars that I should avoid? I have some whey protein without hardly any carbs and sugars that I could mix with some dextrose for my pwo. Would this be a better choice than Nlarge?

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    I would think so, considering NLarge2 is a mass builder. I am naturally thin, and after taking it for the last few weeks, I have gained around 10 lbs, and it is definetly not ripped muscle. I plan on cutting in the beginning of next year when I stop taking NLarge2. I would suggest drinking regular whey post-workout if you're not trying to gain weight. Good luck bro.

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