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Thread: Need help!

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    Need help!

    Can someone please help me on my diet. Right now I eat like crap and am totally lazy. Tommorow I plan on starting this diet:

    How does this diet look?

    Meal 1 Breakfast 6 am
    1 Bowl of cereal (wheaties, shredded wheat etc) or oatmeal with skim milk
    1 Cup of orange juice
    1 Cup of Green tea
    1 piece of fruit

    Meal 2 Lunch 11 am
    1 salad
    either 1 chicken breast or turkey

    Meal 3 3:30 pm
    1 chicken breast
    1 bowl of vegetables

    Meal 4 6:30 pm I'm a little pressed for time at this time in my day so it's usually something from a (healthy) restuarant or fast food joint.

    A meal such as either one of the following, tuna wrap, mini subb, steak and mashed or baked potatoes, turkey + stuffing, chicken sandwich, etc

    Meal 5 10pm
    1 Pro Blend 55 shake with skim milk

    11 pm in bed

    Also taking multi vitamins, glucosamine, glutamine, creatine(with no sugar included in this brand). Drinking 4 liters of water a day.

    Boxing 5 days a week, running treadmill 5 days a week lifting 1-2 times a week including squats deads, dumbell press, etc. and abs 5 days a week.

    Also, ABSOLOUTLY NO beer, alcohol, soda, ice cream, cake, candy, cookies, chips, junk food, pizza, burgers, tacos, french fries, etc.

    Also no pasta, no bread and no cheat day.

    I am 23 years old 6' 204 with a big gut. My goal is to hit 190 lbs. fighting shape in 3 months. I haven't consistently worked out in over 2 years.

    Any comments, advice?

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    How's this look fellas?

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    Swolecat already answered this. If you post 5 threads at once...try and read them.

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    did you even calc out how many cals and carbs and pro and fat you are getting per day with all that cardio. COrrect me if i am wrong but with those small of meals and boxing and treadmill and whatever else you are doing you body is going to eat itself up in now time.
    just a thought

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