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Thread: Diet ?

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    Diet ?

    hello guys my stats im 5'8 155lbs lean with not that much body fat.
    i work out 4 days a week, for the past 10yrs and im in good health.
    im 38yrs old, ive always had a problem trying to put on weight.
    now at my age i notice if i do put on weight i seems not to be
    lean muscle i guess cause i dont have a proper diet,
    im a very healthy eater but the problems i have is trying to find the time
    to eat every 2 to 3 hrs cause of my work skd, its hard workig at
    the airport check in counter and trying to get in 3 meals within those 8 hrs of work. since i only get one break time.
    any suggestions and can some one please post a example of
    a diet that would be ideal for a mass builder with the exception
    of putting on very little body fat... at the moment i eat

    1st meal
    8am 3eaggs
    2 slice of whole weat bread

    2nd meal
    chicken breast
    1/2 cup of white rice
    1 apple

    3rd meal
    2 slice of chicken breast
    one baked potato

    4th meal
    bed time
    1 apple

    if any one have any suggestion, will greatly apprecitate

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    You're not eating close to enough at all..........that's not even 3/4 of what you need.

    You can contact me if you desire help.


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