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Thread: diet plan

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    diet plan

    i just started my first cycle,and i am trying to get a good diet to help build mass. i am already drinlking a proteinshake a couple times a day, but i was wondering should i drink a weight gain shake also? can i mix creatine or nitritex with these shakes to help gain more mass
    ? i am in college so the diets are hard to follow. i try to eat at the same time every day with alot of meals a day. i weigh 160lbs. need help soon.

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    I would drop the creatine, and don't rely on a weight gainer shake. Most of them are empty calories. I feel you pain about trying to eat right while in college. I think you should just eat like a mad man when you go to the caf. Just eat everything you can get your hands on.

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