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    calories how many is correct

    im 6'2 204lbs 37yrs bf 11% est
    last cycle was disappointing in the results
    500test 300deca 12weeks 1st real cycle 2nd one overall

    next cycle
    dbol 1-4 35mgs
    test 1-12 600
    deca 1-7 300 using the remaining supply
    eq 8-12 300
    have nov and clomid for pct

    calories needed daily 4000?
    made up of 400 protien 300 carbs 100fats
    is this enough or do i need more cals dont want to get to fat

    workout every bp every 5days i do 10-15sets per bp
    any imput would be appreciated

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    If you work out 5 days a week, I got your matinenance at 3200. If you do cardio(which I would suggest), add 250cals for every hour

    For bulking from maintenance, add 500 cals=3700
    350g Protein=1400
    400g Carbs=1600
    80g Fat= 720
    Total= 3720

    I'd also advise not to take such short runs of niether deca nor EQ, they both take approx 4-5wks to kick. IMO, 12wks on EQ is mandatory.
    I'd stick with one

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