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    daily sodium levels.....?

    hello people! help!!!

    ok, as far as dieting goes, i've got a good handle on that. protien/carbs/fat that sort of thing......

    one thing i can't seem to get a handle on is sodium.

    here's an idea of my diet

    i am 245lbs. i currently eat aproximatley 2500-3000cal a day.
    protein is kept around 150gms daily. (i've tried more but suffer from gout in my feet, and DAMN does it freakin HURT!) so i've leveled it off at 150/gms day. all carbs are wonder bread here! i've had so much couscous that i'm becoming bulgar wheat (not prepackaged. 0 sodium)! i drink anywhere up to 2gals water daily.

    i am trying to get down to 230-235lbs. i do cardio 3 hrs a week (one hour of spin class...don't laugh my instructor is a madman). train intensely with weights 12-15 hrs week. i have pics under new members pics to give you an idea of my body composition.

    no cycle going on at this time. although i am currently looking for some gear. and hope to start a run by nov. (winnie/equipoise )

    the thought i had is to reduce my sodium and maybe remove 5-10lbs of water. maybe get a harder look.

    i know everything has sodium in can't f*ckin avoid it. ok, but i can still cut down.

    what is a good amount to start out at! what is (or is there such a thing as) to low....? do i need it for protien synthesis?

    i was checking metrx protien bars....240mg that to much?
    my bread has 120mg per slice.....christ, it's no freaking wonder people are dropping dead of HEART ATTACKS!

    thanks in advance.

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    Is there such a thing as to low sodium? I use mrs dash for all my meat and try not to eat things high in salt but hell if I need it for protein synthesis....

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    Yes there is sodium in just about everything out there but it can be avoided if one tries. Look into cooking only fresh vegetables as can ones can and do have sugars, salt and other preservatives that you might want to avoid.
    Try using a salt substitute. At first it may taking getting use to but after awhile you will begin to hate anything that has to much salt in it. Just keep an eye on the salt intake, especially what you cook with as well as what you put on food after it has already been cooked. Keeping that in mind I do not think that you have anything to worry about.

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