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    Bag of Tyson chicken from Cotsco

    Who else buys the large bags of chicken at Costco, Sam's Club, B.J's???
    Can someone please explain to me how 2 pieces of chicken the size of 2 french fries combine to equal 30g's of protein. The labeling has to be incorrect...I mean 4oz's of fresh poultry has around 30g's of protein.
    No way those 2 small pieces come close to 4oz's

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    i also am a little suprised at the pro content i just starded buying the bags, the fresh chicken was costing me $10.00 or more a day, so if you add the pieces of frozen together to get the same as fresh its almost the same $ JMO

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    not where I want to be
    bro the chicken I buy is friggin huge. no bullshit some of the largest chicken breasts I have ever seen

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    I think that you have to weigh the pieces to get the right protein count. The nutrition label is for an "average" size piece. I've noticed that there are big size diffs between the pieces.
    The Tyson bags of Lean Chicken that I get at Sams are:
    7 oz portion
    170 cals
    3.5 fat
    34 protein

    So with Tyson, you have to eat 7oz to get 34g of protein.

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    you must be getting the tenders.

    i always get the breasts. i have a digital scale and sometimes weigh the big ones for shits and grins and the big peices are sometimes around 8 ounces

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    The chicken breast i buy from sams r very huge. they contain about 40g of protein each. and it only cost me about $45 a week to eat 5 of those suckers everyday day.

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