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Thread: Raw Oats??

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    Raw Oats??

    What exactly are raw oats? I hear people talk about eating these. I eat 100% oatmeal that I buy from the grocery store but theres no way you could eat it raw, its all hard and flaky. It doesnt soften up until you add water and heat it up. I want to try some of the recipies people have suggested using raw oats so could someone please explain to me how this is different from instant oatmeal and where I can get it.

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    Eating raw oats is just that, you can add milk(if your diet allows ) or just add cold water. I personally usually just dump whatever amount in with my protein and bend it all together. There's a bunch of recipes, one of my fav's is 1/2 cup oats, 1 can tuna, 1 egg white, mix and fry up like a patty in frying pan and whoala tuna burger.

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