ok heres the deal, itss winter and im gonna bulk till march, so i have my old bulk diets, but i want a new one, so my stats are im 5-9, 240lbs, lil chubby, i dont care about gettin fatter ,bc i can diet down starting in march, so i need a meal plan from now till then where i can gain the most weight, i wanna try,i said try to get to 270, and then diet back down, i dont want alot of crap in the diet, pretty clean, the ammount of chicken and tuna and steak i eat is not a problem i can get as much as u think i need. so plz get me some fresh diet ideas..... my workout is pretty settled and effective, but if u have any ideas throw them to... plz PM the ideas...... thanks for the help bros........hope yall grow as much as i plan to.... lata