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    Cut Up Diet!! Help out fellas

    I weigh 255-260lbs. Mid-low teen BF levels. Ill be starting my cutter cycle up in a few weeks Anyways I thought I would let you guys rip up my diet.........

    Workout Days:

    400 Grams of protein
    150 Grams of carbs (50-75 for breakfast abd 75-100 Post workout)
    100 grams of fat

    Non-Workout Days:

    400 Grams of protein
    75-100 Grams of carbs for breakfast
    125 grams of fat

    This comes out to around 3000 cals. Throughtout the 10 weeks I will slowly cut back on fat and carbs. Agreed?

    Whay ya think fellas?


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    Personally I don't like to start my carbs that low from the beginning. I like to be able to drop them further the last 4 weeks of my dieting.

    When eating normally and not dieting what is your carb intake.

    I would personally lean towards say around 300gms of low glycemic carbs to start the diet and then start to drop them when you don't see any change.

    The lowest I usually hit is 75gms a day and that is in the last couple of weeks.

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    That actually looks pretty good to me. I used something very similar for a while and it seemed to be an excellent ratio. Only thing is your breakfast carbs. No one needs that many carbs in one sitting. Go for maybe 30-35 grams, and then 75-100 post workout.

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