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    Another reason not to drink...

    In addition to the countless ways it will damage your body, i feel that whenever it is that i drink, albeit very far and in between, the worst thing i do is eat whatever the hell is put in front of me. I always wind up just eating something horrible for me. And normally, i won't even remember that i did. Yet another reason to avoid the firewater...

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    thats not my proble, mine is i can go down 3lbs in a night from loosing water soo much

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    yeah Rambo....I agree with you bro...........Drinking does inhibit my totally fucks me up the day after...which in turn messes up my diet...which in turn hurts my gym workout on Monday.............

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    yup...drinking throws everything off. Personally, i have a hard time getting back to the gym the next day, and when i do, i spend my time breathing heavy, sweating out alcohol and not getting a good workout. Not to mention it's hard to eat enough food when you're hung over...i usually end up eating toast all day long...ech...

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    Drinking is undoubtly detrimental to a lifting program, but you have to enjoy yourself sometimes. BBing takes a ton of dedication and determination, but it still seems mentally healthy to let loose and enjoy yourself sometimes, whether it is a cheat meal or going to a bar to watch the game with your buds.

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