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    Stretch marks are getting bad, is it because of yogurt?

    I've read dairy products thicken the skin, this could be a reason why im getting nasty stretch marks everywhere, shoulders/chest, inner arms, even my outer arms where my triceps are starting to show. I've tried all the creams out there but they just give me zits. So im wondering if thick skin is a reason for my stretch marks?

    Also whats another quick way of getting protein other than fat free yogurt?

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    No that's way off man. You are getting stretch marks because your muscles are growing under your skin, in short, you are getting bigger. There's nothing you can really do about it, some say neosporin, but tanning is the best solution. As far as protein fixes, there are an innumerable amount of posts about that, look around about. FYI try the AR SPA forum, there is quite a bit on stretch marks.

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    I've had stretch marks since I was around 16 and tried every option other than surgery to get rid of them, coco butter included. Nothing works(for me anyway) My advice is to live with them they are a reminder of your hard work and motivation to work harder.

    I do agree with Rambo though if you tan they will get lighter and not be so pronounced but if you get a bad sunburn they'll stick out like a sore thumb.

    Just my $.02

    good luck

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    too much sugar in yogurt in ratio to the protein you get from it.

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