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Thread: Fat Bastard

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    Unhappy Fat Bastard

    hello everyone, im new here. i have a little problem to loose fat, im 6,1" tall and weight 200lbs. and thats a lot of fat on me, it looks horrible in my eyes. before when i was an teenager i was en ectomorph and it was impossible to lay on 1g fat on the body. and then i started to work out and then BOOM! it have gone 3 years now and im 20. from 140 lbs to 200 lbs in 3 years. and let say maybe 20lbs muscles.

    i dont want to jump on some ECA, Clenbuterol or DNP because i dont got the knowledge on that side my goal is to loose the love handles and those "fox noses" on my chest.

    need some help to put this stuff together.
    Cardio, probably on a bike.. 15-20 minutes high intensity before breakfast 3 days/week. and workout the other 4 days

    and now its the diet have no idea what to eat and when.. i have read a lot about it but i dont know how to put it all together.. i want to eat chicken sallad, raw eggs and milk (love it), beef, and so on.. anyone?

    tnx for all answers /Kyhron

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    Let me add what advice I can...first do a search on some diet/meal plans...a lot of guys on here have put together incredible cutting diets, etc. That being said, i'll toss out a few basics to start...

    Start eating smaller meals more frequently. Make sure you have a moderate amount of carbs and protein at each meal - no one meal should consist of just one type (for example, pasta with no protein source).

    Cut out any fast foods, sodas, and excess sugars. You don't need them and they're only going to hinder your progess. If you're serious about shaping up, these should be sacrifices you can live with. We've all had to make them at one point...

    You can still eat the raw eggs and milk (where did you come up with this one??) and beef. Try to use skim millk or 1%. Also, beef is fine, but aim for the leanest cuts of meat (flank steak, etc) and if you're going ground meat...make sure it's the leanest available. I would advise against the chicken salad, at least on a regular basis, as i would assume it's made with mayo and contains a lot of fat. Have it once a week if you'd like, but cut back as much as possible.

    Hope that gives you a start, or at least a place to start thinking. Like I said, do some searches on diets...i've picked up a lot of advice from the bros on this board as far as meal plans...and good idea to stay away from the stimulants, at least for now. I'm not a fan of DNP at all, clen i see the use for in people who are your point, i think getting the diet/cardio/weights in line will make enormous changes...keep reading up here...if for nothing other than motivation...

    keep at it bro!

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