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Thread: bulking diet

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    bulking diet

    Im 6'0 173 lbs and im trying to bulk. I have been trying to bulk while stayin somewhat cut but i am not noticing good results so now i have started eating more. Im not sure how i should eat besides eating alot. For example, whatever i have available i eat as much of it as i can i had chicken FRIED steak last night with mashed potatoes and i ate a fuckload of it and then enchiladas the next day. That is not the only thing i ate just an example... if i am bulking is it good to eat things like this? or what kinda diet should i have while bulking? the only thing i make sure i do is get in about 200 grams of protein.. i dont want to get up to like 200 lbs and be fat as hell.. also i have been doin cardio about 4 times a week.. what do yall think about that good or bad?
    thanks for the help

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    I personally dont think that unclean eating should exist in any sport. Off season I will have 1 cheat day a week and the rest of the day is fairly clean, just larger amounts.

    Attempting to stay cut whilst bulking is next to impossible and requires perfect attention to nutrition. Why dont you just bulk clean, lose the abs for a few months and once you are happy with your size gains, you reduce the bodyfat.

    Its like a T road, you generally can either cut or bulk at a time, not both of them.

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    Well, you seem to be a hardgainer, so you shouldn't be AS worried about bodyfat. But bulking is NOT an excuse for eating lard sandwiches. The key is to up your intake of protein and good carbs, along with essential Fats. Take a look at the stickied post by Mikexxl up on the top of the forum. It'll give you some insight into how to eat to gain. Try to stay away from the fried ho hos for now.

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    Whether a hard gainer or not clean eating is a must. Just by raising your protein, good fats, and raising your carb intake all at the right times will cause you to gain while keeping body fat to a minimum. MikeXXL has a great post and I've posted a few on here myself. Why not post what your typical daily diet looks like and we can go from there. I myself eat clean all year allowing only 1 cheat meals a week.

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