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    critique my diet plz

    ey guys
    just joined up and needed some help with my diet
    im 5'11 and at 177lbs
    i recently saw the naturopath and they hooked me up to some machine (forgot the name) and did the standard stuff and worked out my caloric intake to be about 1760 calz per day. The also said I'd only need to lose about another 2kg of fat

    so here is what i made
    Meal1 - 1 metric cups (30g) Nutrigrain Cereal with No fat Milk (400ml), P = 17.6g, C = 31.8g F = 0g, 207 calories

    Meal 2 - 1 Wholemeal toast + olive oil butter
    Some extra olives
    70g kindey beans
    1 banana
    P = 10g, C = 54.5g, F = 10g Calories = 354 calories

    Meal 3 - 200g Tuna
    1 slices wholemeal toast
    1 Kiwi Fruit
    Couple Green olives
    P = 55g, C = 28.5g, F = 10g Calories = 424 calories

    Meal 4 - 4 egg whites
    100-200g broccoli
    1 Apple
    20g almonds
    P = 34g, C = 28g, F = 10gCalories = 338 Calories

    Meal 5 -
    40g PP + 400ml No Fat Milk
    P = 51.1g, C = 23g, F = 1.5g Calories = 300

    Meal 6 -
    200g Chicken Breast (+ some sort of sauce like satay to add some flavour)
    Salad (cucumber + celery + tomatoes + carrot)
    P = 40g, C = 10g F = 10g Calories = 290 Calories

    i know the banana is probably not a good decision, but for preworkout i didn;t think it sounded too bad. Also, am i having too much bread and fruit?
    The Totals = 207.7P, 175.8gC, 41.5gF Calories = 1907.5
    I know my calz are a bit over, but its ok im gonna take some stuff out, im just not sure what to take out and what to keep

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    yea drop the bread add some brown rice and oats, and yams in there in there place, up the protien another 40grams and drop the carbs to 100 to 125 is your best bet and the milk is just sugar drop that.

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