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    Question What's the role of veggies in weight gaining

    What role do fruits and vegtables play in a weight gaining diet? I know it's good to eat them, but am currious what they help as far as weight gaining and working out...My diet consists of mostly meat, dairy, bread, eggs, protein powder, and potatoes, and only the occational veggies and fruits....

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    I don't eat fruit.............. but I always eat my green veggies............. it's roughage to help keep you clean inside.

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    When trying to gain weight, calories are most important. Fruits and vegetables offer little calories, but do offer various vitamins and minerals. The body uses vitamins and minerals for a number of bodily functions. Fruits are usually high in vitamins, mainly antioxidants that assist the immune system. Vegetables are generally high in fiber, which like MudMan said keep you cleaned out.

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    The fiber aspect is definitely a plus. Keeps you regular, higher fiber diets have been linked to decreased risk of colon cancer (i believe...).

    Another aspect is vitamins/minerals/phytochemicals...obviously, you're more than likely going to be getting enough vits/minerals if you're taking multivits and MRPs that are fortified...but phytochemicals are things like flavones (soy), elagic acid (raspberries), etc that have beneficial effects on your overall health. There's still debate over the actual efficacy of these phytochemicals, but i've seen some interesting info on it - enough to make me interested.

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