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    My diet...fix if it you can...

    Alright heres my ideal diet if i was doin everthing tryin to cut right now.

    Meal 1. 1-2 whole eggs and about 7 egg whites, 2 servins oats
    meal 2. usually a package or can or two of tuna
    meal 3. hamburger or chicken breast 10-16 ounces depending.
    meal 4. Usually a tuna sandwich with cheese on wheat bread before workout.
    PWO shake 2 scoops GNC protien, dont have it with so cant give the specs, but about 50 grams of protien and then again about 1 to 2 servings of oats depending what i can handle.

    Problem is the last couple of weeks or so i've been eating breakfast then maybe meal two at work skipping meal three and having meal four then working out on workout out days or not eating anything else if its a non-workout day. I will snack on some beef jerky or even a handful of mixed nuts now and then but i dont snack everyday. Problem is my schedules killing me my day starts at 6am and ends at like 8pm. From noon to 8 i usually dont get more than like five minutes of break time maybe twice.

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    If you are trying to bulk you need to eat a whole lot more. If you are trying to cut, you are pretty close to an ideal diet. Try doing 6 meals a day. Consistency is the key though, if you can't do it day in and day out whether you want to or not, your results won't be there.....just my opinion.

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