I dont know what diet to follow anymore. i am 5'5" 153 pounds, i am pretty much natural. on cytomel now but i think this one is underdosed or something so im tapering off and getting another brand and will start later like 2 weeks. i already have clen and im deciding to do clen/t3 thats it. things get too complicating when i add in the juice.

how many carbs per day? should i cycle them or not? im going with 1.5g of protein per pound of BW. post-workout is maltodextrin/isolate 50g/50g. does maltodextrin cause bloating? if it does, im wiping it out. i cut out all dairy, breads, sugars, fruits.

now im just confused. im just keeping carbs under 150. as for fats, should i go with flaxseed oil 2 TBSP per day or just a couple OMEGA 3's like 10 softgels with a protein meal?

how much cardio should i do and what is the fat burning zone, my treadmill at the gym doesnt say anything, i just read running is worse. thats great to hear after i just did that today. so what is the zone? 4.0mph at 5.0 incline for 45 minutes because thats easier for me. the diet is easy too but i dont know what diet to follow anymore. im starting to lose my patience, all i want to do is get lean and ripped, not skinny. i dont need juice to get ripped because im not ronnie coleman. sorry for sounding like an ass, i know i shouldnt so im apologizing before-hand.

i work construction, i have no choice, some days are easy and some are brutal so i eat a little more carbs when im working hard.

a little fat loss history: 2.5 years ago i decided to begin leaning out, i did dnp and cytomel, dropped from 34% to 20% in like 3 cycles (6 weeks), i dieted first with dnp so i had no experiece before that. i was impatient, and still am. and i tried dieting like the real way with a cycle but always give up so i did more dnp now i ended up at 15% tested my calipers, so im sure im like 15-17%. my goal is 9% BF. if i have to do dnp again, i'll do it. but id rather get there with no dnp and for gods sake no BLOATING! (for some reason this cytomel isnt making my face lean [or dry] like it should regardless of diet).