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    diarrhea problem !

    this is my diet

    meal 1:
    cream of wheat, 8 egg whites, 1 whey protein shake

    meal 2: post-workout shake

    meal 3: 1 tuna snadwich on whole wheat bagel and protein shake(egg white protein and casein)

    meal 4: same as meal 3

    meal 5: fats-food meal with protein shake (egg white protien and casein)

    meal 6: brown pasta, veggies, tuna

    meal 7:brown rice, salad, 9 oz chicken.

    meal 3 and 4 are the same cause here at the uft i have a hectec schedule. especially during exams !

    i also have flax oil and almonds throuhgout the day.

    total cals are exactly 5,100 i am upping it to 6,000 his week !

    so far the gains are fine but here is the problem. i ordered egg white protein and casein from

    this has been happening for a few weeks. everytime i drink 1 protein shake with egg and casein i get the runs ?

    could i be passing out my protein ? is it a waste ? cause in total i get 150 g of protein from these shakes.. 50 g each and i drink 3.

    has anyone ever had this problem before ?

    cheers !

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    Drop the egg protein shake then.

    Lol alright next question...

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    could be the egg..

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    Utilize whey protein isolate.


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    drop one of each for a week each, and whichever makes you stop "running" keep it out. easy enough.

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    i fixed it apparently. i started to drink half of each shake at each meal. the runs seem to have subsided !

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    Drink more water. You might be dehydrated.

    Certain brands of protien gives me the runs sometimes.

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