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    So. Cal.

    What do you think about my morning shake?

    I have recently started to put more calories in my diet because I found out that I wasnt getting as many as I thught I was. So, I started taking these morning shakes along with a bagel w/creamcheese. This is what I put in them:

    1 Scoop (22 grams) of Whey
    2 Cups of Milk
    1 Banana
    1 Cup Ice Cream
    1 Thing of Dannon Fruit Yogurt or a scoop of Penut Butter depending on what I want.

    What do you huys think?

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    Sounds tasty...

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    I'm not a fan of milk nor yogurt while even bulking, and certainly not ice cream. You mentioned you are looking for calories in the diet to help you grow I assume, but there are indeed far better choices to help you achieve a nice look instead of just adding loose (fat/water) bodyweight for the sake of weighing more.


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    Yeah dairy has no room in my diet except for the occasional slice of cheese on my morning eggs or a splach of skim in my coffee.

    But you want more cals? Try adding more tsp's of the good fat oil (flax, olive, grapeseed, etc) to your shakes. Its the easiest way to bump up your cals without getting sloppy.

    How many cals are you consuming now? What % of it is pro, fat, carbs? Thats very important ot know before I would add more food here to your diet. Need to know what your lacking in order to know what to add. Good luck,


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