Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have 8 weks left till I go on a beach holiday, I am 170 pounds with about 12%BF and just started a course of EQ and winny my firste ever cycle.

My diet is very strict as I have no problem with doing what it takes but I ma just concerned that I am doing it right. I have lost about 8 pounds now but I still wnat to be able to lose a bit more fat on the love handles and gain some more lean mass with the gear.

8:30 a,m
1 cup of oats with water
3 table spoons of amino fuel (AF) twin lab

1130am: half a chicken breast and frozen veggies

1:00 pm full chicken breats and frozen veggies

3:00pm half a chicken breast and frozen veggies

5:00 some mixed nuts

6:30-8:00 workout

8:30 pm one and a half chicken breasts or 0.8lbs steak with veggies and tbspoon of flaxoil

11:00pm either 2 scoops of isopre or another 3 tbsp of Amino Fuel