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Thread: 3 hour window

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    3 hour window

    Im revising my meal and training times due to christmas break and i would like to know what would be the better thing to do. Usually i consume 4 meals before training at 5PM and every other meal for the 4 meals consist of pro/carb and pro/fat, and after my workout i consume two pro/HIGH carb meals and sleep. Now i'm thinking aobut training ealier in the afternoon at 1:30 and eating 2 meals beforehand, i have my 2 PWO meals after training and then i'm left with two meals to consume, should i have anotehr pro/carb meal after the PPWO meal and then a pro/fat to finsih the day off?

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    Have a lean protein and green veggie meal as the first meal after the two pwo ones.

    Then have a fat/pro meal as the last of the day.


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