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    Newbie needs diet help

    My program diet


    I am new to using AS and this is my first cycle, I am getting cut for a beach holiday in Feb and have been running eq 10 weeks and winny for 8 weeks.

    I realise that I should have had test in there for my forst cycle but its too late and I diod not want to bloat but rather cut and build a little lean mass at the same time.

    I follow an extremely strict diet now for the last 3 months or sob but I cant seem to grow or lose any more weight.

    I am at about 10% BF and weigh approx 168 pounds and I am 5.11 , I have been training on and off for 5 years but seriously for 2 years.I wake up in the morning and my diet is as follows
    8am Oatmeal 1/2 cup and 2 whole eggs and isopure protein 1 scoop
    11 am half chicken breast with some frozen veggies
    1:30pm full chiken breast and frozen veggies or small lean steak
    3:00pm agagin half chicken breast and veggies
    6:30 -8:00 workout (mon chest and stomach, tuesday shoulders and cardio, wed legs,thursday back,lates and cardio, friday arms )
    8:00pm 3 tbspn peptide bonded twinlab amino fuel and 2 scoops isopure
    8:30 steak or chicken or fish with frozen veggies and 2 tbsp flax oil
    11:00 i scoop isopure with 1 whole egg and 2 eggwhites and fat free milk for scarmbled eggs.

    Please couyld you provide me with direction, I drink plenty of water as well but I just wanto grow more buit not get fat again as it was so hard to lose the weight and now that I am lean I would hate to get fat again.

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    Got your e-mails and pm..........responded to both.


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