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    can i get some help on a cutting cycle

    I plan on doing a bulking cycle for 12 weeks then i plan to take about 10 weeks off and proceed with a cutting cycle. That means i will be cutting in the summer but that is the best time for me to cut since it is sooooo much easier for me to eat right and do cardio in the summer. Either way im looking for a good example of a cutting cycle that would last about 10-12 weeks in order to lose about 15 pounds of fat. Ive heard some stuff on a winny/tren cycle with clen and possible t3. Anyways, i will probably be around 235 by then at 6'. Please give me some examples of drugs and dosages for a good cutting cycle. thanks for any input

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    I can give a better example of the correct forum for such a post.

    However, before doing that, I'll just say that your focus seems to be on drugs, and not on nutrition, and that leads to failure and frustration. Ironic because that is where your post is housed, the NUTRITION/DIET forum. Listen to those types of SIGNS.


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