1.oats w/strawberry preserves and splenda-ok or not?oats w/fat free spray butter and salt-ok or not?

2.2 tsp flax oil per day enough?I also get fat from olive oil(1 serving) and fish during the day.

3.pwo meal-1 serving brown rice(1/2 cup) enough?(pwo meal)

here are my stats: 5'11' 215 Ibs. 13-14% BF

here is my diet:
wake up 9pm 45 min fast walking
10pm 1/2 cup oats-8 egg whites
12:30am 1 can tuna-medium size salad with olive oil and vinegar
3:00am isolate shake with 1 tsp flax oil
4:30am 2 chk breasts or 2 filets of fish with mixed veggies(with hot sauce)
6:30am 2 cups coffee(black)
7:30am 1.5 hours lifting
9:00am pwo isolate shake w/dextrose
10:30am 2 chk breasts or filets of fish w/1 serving(1/2 cup) brown rice
12:30pm isolate shake w/1 tsp flax oil before bed

If I start to incorperate steak into this diet, what meal would it be best suited in? I heard the post workout meal is supposed to be very little fat so would it have to be before my workout?
Thanks in advance for your help....-D-