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    Increase appetite for AS use

    Hey bros,

    I'm always struggling to eat enough calories throughout the day. Anyone take any supplement or herb that increases appetite? I'm curious but I've never heard of anything that legit works.

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    AAS will increase your appetite

    I,m going to move this to the diet forum

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    increase appetite

    Artificially sweetened drinks will, if you believe all the crap so called experts spout these days!

    What sort of foods do you eat bro - maybe by changing what you eat you could find getting down what you need easier?

    Something I learned at Uni:

    Digestion rates (time to pass from stomach to large intestine) for pure macronutritents (bit crap that [it's very unlikely you will eat pure macros] but more in a mo):

    Carbs: < 2 hours
    Protein: 2 - 4 hours
    Fat: 8 hours and longer!!

    If you eat a mixture then average the times (weighing towards which ever macronutrient holds the biggest proportion).

    So you see that by cutting out the fat you may find you get hungrier faster....


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    EQ will increase your appetite, and so will b12 , not the pills,but
    inject 500mcgs/week or 1000mcs every 2 weeks, it will help with appetite and boost your energy!

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