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    why cut the dairy??

    i've read some posts and swole has mentioned to cut dairy out? why is that?

    i have 2 Cups of skim milk a day. the GI value of skim is 33.

    2 cups are consumed over a 3 meal period spread throughout the day.

    on days i do cardio in the morning, i have:
    Calories Protein
    1/2 scoop of ISO XP 70 16.5
    1/2 cup Skim milk 45 4.5
    6 almonds 42 1.5

    so on days i dont do AM cardio i only have 1.5 cups of milk.

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    Aside from dairy being only ONE portion of an entire dietary layout that would be analyzed here are a few reasons.

    1) Dairy lends a smooth look to one while cutting
    2) Milk has carbs, ALL the carbs in milk are SUGAR.
    3) Humans are the only species to drink the milk of another species.
    4) The GI value is listed as such, but you'd know from research (I do because it's my career) that milk illicits a much higher insulin response than the GI suggests it will. Besides, low/high or not, pure sugar just ain't a good idea!


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    I wish there was sugar free milk.

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