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    cutting: proper diet/training to see visible progression in how long?

    i know this is generally a very broad question..

    this person has a 17% bf.. an obvious gut

    IF someones diet is spot on for CUTTING.. they have their meals pretty much spot on, good carb timing with the right slin spikes, all the good fats and protein.. no garbage

    IF they do cardio on empty stomach every morning for no less than 30 min on a recumbent bike at a moderate pace 4-5 times a week and lift weights 4 times a week..

    looking in the mirror every morning.. APPROX. how long would it take to notice a change in the transformation.. something that isnt like big, but definatly noticeable.. slimmer waist, shrunken love handles etc.

    i know this does not happen over night, but generally how long would this take to see a difference.. 3 days?

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    3 days? No man, sorry. If you had a horrendous diet, you will see some water loss after a week of low carbing, but you wont see actual body fat drop till approximately the 2 week mark.

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    yeah i agree with rambo.. water drops in first 5-8 days.. fat drop is seen in like the 2 week mark after a horrrendus diet.. dont be discoruged if you cant see results.. chances are you just dont notice that is why it is good to mesure your self around the belly button then mesure your self in 2 weeks of dieting and i can be sure you'll have a bit less of a tummy.. nothing drastic but baby steps right?

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    I posted photos in a thread titled "Sigrabbit's trying to get ripped" if you want to view it. I started at approximately the same bf.

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    3 week to 4 week mark.


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    lol.............3 days would be wayyyyy to good to be true

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    **** i've been goin at it so long and i never see any results in the mirror...of course it's because a person tends to be their harshest judge...i go by what others say when they see me after a few weeks...after about a month i've gotten more compliments.

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