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    Eating 4 Life by Bill Phillips

    Bought the book a week ago and doing his plan with 6 meals and balanced nutrtion i 've never felt better .....what do u guys think of his ways is it the right way to cut down

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    I think he's about as useful as Dr. Phil.

    Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming a smaller, just-as-fat person.

    Not flaming you at all, but there is more knowledge on this diet board right now that is PRACTICAL and REAL than is in the book you have.

    6 meals of balanced nutrition REALLY means "lose equal amounts of fat/muscle (weight) and be a lighter person w/the same bodyfat percentage."

    Far from ideal............Body for Life, Eating for Life, the ass-clown is ANNOYING for life............

    It'll work for the middle-aged couch potato, but to say it's a good program is impossible if improving your body composition is the goal. If you simply want to dwindle down, then go for it!


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    it works.

    the owner of my old gym went on his program and in 12 weeks he won an award for best body transformation of blah blah.

    his physique is similiar to swole's.. but not AS cut.. but it was **** impressive

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    seems to be a great place to start for a beginner....but keep learning and soon you'll find what you need

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    One thing I wil say to this is the following.....Bill Phillips lays out a regimen of eating 6 times a day...I think that's the most important thing he teaches....most people NEVER heard of eating 6 times a day...but as Swole said, ass-clown missed out on alot of stuff.

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    k guyz thanx 4 the input but i feel pretty good on the diet im gonna keep at it 4 a while .............but tell me some alternatives things i can do for better reseults u guys are the ones wit da knowlege that why i am on the

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